What we offer ?

Property Condition Assessment

Our team provides an Equity level Property Condition Assessment through a team of Safety Engineers and other experienced professionals in accordance with, our Property Condition Assessment’s consist of comprehensive evaluation of all building system for condition, remaining useful life and compliance.
A visual survey is conducted of pertinent systems such as Civil work, Facades, HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical and Fire Life Safety systems. Observed significant physical deficiencies are documented and opinions of probable costs are prepared for necessary repairs or replacements. Depending upon the client’s requirements, modified replacement reserves can be prepared for salient systems and components requiring recurring replacement.
At Excel Plus we take a rational approach and strive to not only describe observed significant physical deficiencies in a manner understood by the landlord, but to develop solutions.

Facade Inspection

Building facade inspection programs are mandated by many cities across the globe to proactively identify unsafe conditions that may present a risk of causing injury or damaging property. While the specific requirements of each property differ, as your property gets older, it is advised to perform inspections at regular intervals. We can assist with these inspections with not just a Camera drones, instead through Industrial rope access to gain hands-on access for our technicians for a detailed inspection and deliver you the most comprehensive reports.
Rope access is the safest, efficient and cost-effective option for facade inspections particularly for getting to locations that would otherwise require scaffolding.

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance (or preventative maintenance) is planned maintenance that prolongs the lifespan of your assets, equipment, and infrastructure. Preventive maintenance is regularly performed on assets to lessen the likelihood of it failing. With our preventative maintenance packages your maintenance expense can be kept low while we strive to protect the condition of your investment and keep it in excellent shape.

Repairs and maintenance

We can solve all your daily maintenance problems though the strategy of addressing maintenance issues as they arise. We offer various repairs and maintenance services for your properties and focuses on restoring any failed equipment to operating condition as close to normal as possible at the most reasonable timeframe. We are dedicated in providing precise solutions for Handyman, Masonry, Carpentry, Air Conditioning Electrical or Plumbing services at your requirement.
Owing to the many downsides of reactive maintenance, many organizations will choose to move from reactive maintenance and implement preventive maintenance. Making the switch from reactive maintenance to preventive maintenance can save thousands to millions of dollars, extend the life of your critical assets, and relieve your team of the stress and anxiety of dealing with frequent unpredictable equipment failures.
Despite the widely proven benefits of switching to preventive maintenance, around 60% of facilities are still relying on reactive maintenance as a major part of their overall maintenance strategy.

Renovation and Property upgrade

Technology is advancing, people’s perceptions are changing, and you definitely need a refresh! Excel Plus handles refreshes, facelifts, refurbishments, and remodels in a different dimension using the best tools and resources available. Our refresh services include painting, lighting, flooring, new fixtures, sanitary, furniture, light partitions etc.

Social distancing Solutions

Physical barriers and partitions in the workplace are part of a government plan to ease anti-coronavirus restrictions. Additional hygiene procedures, physical screens and the use of protective equipment should be considered where maintaining distancing of 2m (6ft) between workers is otherwise impossible. We are offering a range of products designed to help keep workers safe during the global pandemic crisis including Free-standing partition screens, Partition barriers to fit around desks, Portable desk partition screens, Ceiling mounted suspended barriers etc.

Special Projects

When it comes to Miscellaneous HVAC items like Chilled Water circuit retrofit, Heat exchanger servicing or a major landscape improvement or even a warehouse relocation, we have the resources to help you meet your project goals. Our overarching goal on Special Projects division furnishes your needs with a turnkey solution and a full line of maintenance support which guarantees customer satisfaction.

Energy Saving and Sustainable programs

With complex issues and many courses of action available, designing a maintenance program for Energy saving at your property can get elaborate and complicated. Our consulting experts can explain what’s relevant and help create a energy management program that’s ideally suited to your property and your budget.
Our knowledgeable and friendly maintenance team will thoroughly examine your property, equipment, and the property's mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems. After noting what works and what does not and why, our technician will also try to understand operation schedules, personnel, and budget issues. With a full and clear picture of everything that makes your property tick, we will then make a recommendation for the best energy management program for your unique property.

Water proofing

Waterproofing can be added to strengthen your property infrastructure and core against any future damages that can be caused due to natural elements or even sometimes major water leaks. It can be applied in different areas whether it’s the roof or concrete surface, Balcony, Parking areas, Walkways, Stairways, Water features, bathrooms or kitchen. There are many methods and ways to accomplish the goal depending on the situation. Some of the common waterproofing techniques in are: Torch on membrane waterproofing This waterproofing method is the most common used waterproofing method, it is also known as torch applied membrane. The torch, bounds thoroughly the waterproofing membranes and the substrate making it the most commonly used method being cost effective and can be used on different surfaces, including roofs, balconies, building floor, wet areas, and many more.

Liquid membrane waterproofing
Sometimes tight and smaller areas can be harder to apply the torch on membrane waterproofing, and an alternative solution is the liquid membrane waterproofing method. This method is widely used on balconies and water features such as swimming pools. Having a different composite compared to other waterproofing methods, the liquid membrane has the ability to adapt to any changes that can occur to a building, whether it be the building expanding or contracting, making it a highly recommendable method for complex projects and building constructions.